Monday, October 01, 2007

"Cruel to Be Kind," Nick Lowe

Ok, so that was annoying. A week in a hotel, all items in the apartment shifted to the south wall and draped in black tarps, construction, cleaning, bah. The cats seem to have recovered from their week at the pet hotel (we told them it was a corporate retreat), and are only marginally clingy and complainy. All my clothes are still packed in plastic and I'm not sure where my socks or underpants are. But I'm home, I have wireless access, and now I have until Wednesday to write my job letter, my teaching philosophy, my extended diss abstract, and oh yeah, my freaking Nightmare Chapter.

Also, tomorrow is the first of an expected four Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Days this quarter, in which I get up at 6 for class at 9, hold office hours, run around campus collecting materials for an event, catch the train to St. Happy for class at 1:30, travel back to UChaos for an event, and then drag myself all the way back north during rush hour. I'm predicting this will be at least a 13-hour day, all told, and I'm not sure where little things like lunch fit into it.

Oh, and I ran into Persnickety Prof. last week, who's heading my diss committee, and he had apparently forgotten that meeting we had in the spring where I told him I was on the market this year. He's already written all his letters and was surprised that he had one more batch to do. When did I become forgettable?

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