Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"You Just Haven't ^ Earnt It Yet, Baby," Kirsty McColl

Apropos of nothing other than Flavia's new, pretty things, I recalled the one good thing that's come of this quarter's hellish teaching schedule: Because I have a hefty commute between UChaos and St. Happy, I wear my Chucks to trek, and take my lovely but brutal shoes to wear for class. Yes, it's reminiscent of office-ladies wearing their Reeboks on the subway while carrying their sensible pumps in their shoulder-bag, but it's also an excuse to break out the high, high-heeled pointy, pointy-toed lovelies for stalking around in front of the chalkboard.

In other news, this week still sucks. But Big Fancy Name in my field seemed persuaded as to the interestingness of my project.

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