Monday, October 01, 2007

"Four Leaf Clover," Old 97's


  • One job letter
  • Two paragraphs of a teaching philosophy (including a clever metaphor)
  • Appointment with Fancy Scholar in my sub-field, who is visiting Chaos this month
  • A reminder that Terrifying Chapter (which is next on the draft docket) will be awesome when I finally write it.

[Seriously, reading over my proposal chapter summary for that one, I was like, "Damn, I want to read that chapter!"]

Still to be done:

  • Reading student discussion responses for tomorrow's class
  • Reading essay for same class
  • Prepping same class
  • Prepping other class
  • Answering e-mail from Third Reader, who wants to make an appointment to talk about my drafts at exactly the times I can't possibly meet
  • Finishing Nightmare Chapter

What I want to do

  • Watch baseball
  • Watch Heroes
  • Eat dinner
  • Read about Britney's baby drama on the internets

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