Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Think About It, Think, Think About It," Flight of the Conchords

I have been warned in the past that there will come a point where I am so heartily sick of my dissertation topic that I will want to finish just to get it out of my head. I thought this was going to happen because I would spend so much time thinking and writing about it.

I was half right.

I have written three different versions of a dissertation abstract, because apparently one needs different wording for the letter, the CV, and the official abstract. I now hate my project, at least in the abstract. I have four key terms, and I don't know how many more configurations I can wrestle them into before I descend into some wacked version of Shakespearean Mad Libs.

Also, my letter is exactly two pages, but I forgot to account for the letterhead crap, so now I have to do some more trimming there. My CV is pretty, though, except for the part where I don't have any publications.

Aaaaaaaand... the chapter isn't done. I'm going to send the job materials off to my committee tonight, but they're just going to have to wait on the chapter draft. Gah.

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