Friday, August 18, 2006

In which some progress is made

I managed to get up at 10, I ate breakfast, I put clothes on, I ate lunch, and... Well, I got that far, didn't I? I also changed my sheets (which included sewing tie-tabs to a new cover and a new comforter, because I'm all Martha-y like that) and put up a picture in the bathroom, because the fun never stops Chez Steph.

Perhaps it's because my to-do list is reaching record lengths. At the top (and disregarding that "Finish Chapter" entry that casts a dark, dark shadow over all else) are:

  • re-read Sidney's Astrophil and Stella and select poems for my Stuff & Nothing class;
  • organize my Shx lecture notes;
  • re-read Titus;
  • set up Chalk sites for both classes;
  • go down to campus and check out some of the supplementary reading for S&N, to see if it's actually worthwhile to put on the syllabus;
  • and a passel of crafty-stuff, like washing the fabric for my shirtdress pattern and sewing up a sock knitting bag.
But since I got yesterday's three issues under control, or some semblance thereof, I have hope. Maybe I'll make a sidebar to-do list.

1 comment:

Bardiac said...

At least your reading is going to be LOTS of fun!

Sonnet #1 is usually fun to teach.

And Titus is just so over the top, it's hard to beat.

Enjoy :)