Friday, August 25, 2006

In which I nerd out

Shopping today: school supplies.

Clockwise from left: paper cutter, fancy new pen, other new pen, stack of Levenger note cards, chrome binder clips, candy, mailing labels, super-shiny Swingline stapler, tiny folders for note cards, flag-and-post-it combo.

The fancy new pen is an early birthday present. It's actually a really fancy pen, but it was on sale for a regular-fancy price.

And, just for good measure, a glamour shot of the Swingline:

I still don't feel like I'm quite ready to head back to school, but having stuff makes it seem a little less daunting. Tomorrow I'll rewrite my Titus lecture notes (since I've done it three times in the past year and a half, my current notes are getting a little unwieldy) on my new cards, with my new pen, and file them in my new tiny folder.

1 comment:

Bardiac said...

mmmm, nice pen!

And Titus notes! What better way to start the semester? New pen to revise Titus notes!