Thursday, August 03, 2006

In which I continue to slack

The heat has finally broken, allowing me to do something other than whine and play online games. Carl and I got caught in a fantastic downpour last night as we tried to scurry to the grocery store. Nothing better than getting caught in the rain when you're wearing nothing that risks ruining and you have nowhere important to be after.

We also put up curtains yesterday to try to block the last of the heat. They look nice, like they belong in a grown-up apartment. Well, except for the "Go Cubs" sign, which will eventually make its way into the office. Also, look! New dining-room table! New coffee table! (Thanks to my parents for the former, to Ikea for the latter.) I am super-geeky excited about the coffee table, as it has a leaf, as well as well-hidden storage inside. (As usual, click for bigness.)


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Ok, on to the promised updates.

Re: my fingernails


Coming along. We've reached the point where the weak edges are growing out and, of course, breaking. And I'm still struggling with my pinkies. But, in addition to the lure of shiny new jewelry (yes, Heather, I'll make C. buy me something, since he has a freakishly attuned costume-jewelry sense), I'm also very much in love with the dark, wine-colored nail polishes that all my magazines are pushing for fall. So I'll be painting as soon as the last of my sad nails reach fingertip-length.

Re: socks
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in Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock Mixed Berry. Modeled by my mom, the recipient. And, yes, those are red patent Birks, because she's precisely that awesome. I still think they're a little baggy, but she said they fit fine. For my first effort using actual sock yarn, I'm fairly pleased. A fun pattern, suitable for knitting on the train or bus, which is where much of this particular pair took shape.

I'm also in the final toe decreases on my second Broadripple in a red Fixation. They're... fine, I guess. Just kind of boring. And I started a Young Lady's Evening Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks, but I think it's kind of awful at the moment. Someday, when I care enough, I'll rip 'em and start over.

Re: everything else
I made a dress, but it's ugly, so I won't show you. I have 12 pages of my revised chapter, but it's still Not Good. I placed all my course book orders for fall, and now I'm fairly terrified of my Ren. Lit. class. I suspect that I'll have no idea what I'm doing in it, and I have 24 students already enrolled.Blogger: meatcheesebun :: Create Post

I'm also rethinking why the hell I have this sad little web presence. I have yet to hit upon any kind of theme or consistent level of posting. Lately, I'm just happy to have all my Blogrolling stuff in one convenient place, but that's no reason to give Typepad money, now is it? So, I'm soliciting advice from those of you still hanging in with me. To stay or to go? To post sock photos or complain about the writing process? What to do, what to do?

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