Thursday, November 02, 2006

In which I lodge a complaint and pose a question

Item the first: My El station is closing in a month, for an unspecified length of time. Granted, I'm on a stretch where the stations are really close together, so this'll add only a couple of blocks onto my walk to the train, but one of the appealing things about this apartment was the fact that it's only two blocks from the train. Plus, how awesome is it to close a station just as winter, snow, ice, and unshoveled sidewalks are posed to make an appearance? Not awesome at all, actually.

Item the second: Would it be deeply cocky of me to make up some business cards for the conference? Nothing fancy, just something with my name and e-mail address--it seems pretentious to put my university or candidate status on it, right?

Item the third (unadvertised): I got a small travel grant for the conference. This means I can indulge in a large-ish car for the drive from Mid-Sized Midwest City (where I'm flying in) to Nowheresville Conference City. What should I get?

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Al said...

I am all in favor of business cards of all sorts--it's just a good way to make connections (shmooze! shmooze!). While you're at it, you should print some out that give your occupation as "erstwhile rockstar."