Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In which I am clearly unprepared

So, that conference paper? The one I'm giving on Friday afternoon, after flying to Columbus tomorrow and then driving to the conference college and then jumping on the hotel bed? Still holding at 16 pages gleaned from the much longer essay with a totally different argument. Still lacking its own argument or any connective tissue. Still lacking either a section explaining the title or the scene mentioned specifically in my abstract. And still not writing itself.

And yet, my head refuses to work properly. It wants to flip through the Sephora catalog while watching Top Model. At least I got all my class-related work done today, including a stack of essay grading, some pdf-making, and writing up a quiz and a whole slew of final essay prompts. (Let's not think right now about the final exam I'll have to write as soon as I get back.)

I need my own personal cheerleader for moments like this.

1 comment:

jird said...

Go Steph! Go Steph! Go go go Steph!
*shakes newspaper pom-poms like Jan Brady*