Friday, November 10, 2006

In which all's well that ends well

Good day. Presentation went well. Not a lot of questions for me, but I'm choosing to believe that the reason for that is that I blew their minds, baby. And the Grand Old Man who sat in on my session, the GOM who's editing a fancy edition of My Play, said it was one of the best papers he's ever heard (oh, heavens) and asked for a copy.

And then, because I do what I do, I rounded up a herd of grad students and junior faculty, got them drunk, and took them on a midnight field trip to Wal-Mart. It's a gift, what I have.


Flavia said...

Damn! You're my kind of conference-goer. Here's hoping we meet up at one someday.

(And congrats on the paper! That's great news.)

Al said...

Hoorah for GOM.

Half our office is at a conference this week (this intern didn't get to go to the green building equivalent of the MLA conference). I think it's clearly party time.