Sunday, September 10, 2006

In which things improve

The second day was better. I have a handful of students who, when I start to get exasperated with the lack of response to my questions, will speak up. I do love the overachievers when they make my life easier (plus, that was me as an undergrad, because I just could not shut up). And I got to play with my wired classroom, leading a close reading on the computer display, highlighting linked images in a Word document. Super-geeky, but fun.

This hour-long format, though, is going to be a struggle (see above, re: not shutting up). I had to hold them at the end to take the roll I forgot at the beginning of class (I'm switching to a sign-in scheme this week, once enrollment settles). I ran out of time for my intro to Titus, so I sent them off with "Between 1590 and 1594! Tragedy! Bloody! Look for striking imagery! Make a note of what's funny!" So, yeah, that'll make for a productive Monday class.

But then I got a real weekend, after my summer of all one long weekend. Not that I did anything, but it did feel different. I did procrastinate terribly (and am still doing so, obviously). And my friend Nicole sent me some cute slipper-socks, just in time for the autumn weather that's descended on our fair city.

And, um. That's all. Back to Titus for me.

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