Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In which my decrepitude becomes apparent

The fun, it is killing me. Our friend Gabi was in town this weekend and fun was pursued with a vengance, which meant that Friday night included trips to four separate bars and aborted attempts to enter two more before my committment to being a good time expired and I went home. Saturday was better; we parked ourselves at Delilah's and waited for fun to come to us. And Sunday, of course, = football and fried foods. A fun time, all around, but I'm clearly too old to go out on successive nights like that. So why not do it again next weekend, only with flying!

Toward that end, there was shopping. I found a dress for the Weekend of Weddings--a vintage heavy-satin wiggle dress with some interesting lacework detailing around the neckline. It looks late '50s and it fits me perfectly. Fishnets and some big hair should get me all set for the Vegas festivities, but I'm still undecided about what I'm wearing in Tucson.

Oh, and then there was class. UChaos started yesterday, and for the first time ever there I have a full house. And then some. We'll see how many I scared off yesterday with my rampage through English history ("Oh! I forgot James! He was kind of obsessed with witches! And had issues with women. But, considering his family history, that's not terribly surprising, no?"). But it was nice to see that I have five returning students from various classes in my past; considering the caliber of faculty we have, I'm fairly astonished that they'd choose to take a second class with me.

Also, the new tv season is killing me, what with all the shows all the time. Tivo helps, but I'm only one woman. Who should be reading Sidney's sonnets instead of watching Studio 60. And Gilmore Girls. And Top Model. At least Life on Mars is done for the moment (and it's awesome and you should find it on dvd), along with all my summer reality crap, so that clears the schedule somewhat. But I suspect there will be attrition in the future.

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