Friday, September 01, 2006

I which I am a victim of scheduling

Well, hell. I just discovered that my class at UofChaos has been switched from TTh to MW. Thanks so much for letting me know, guys, rather than letting me find out by looking at the timeschedule. Oh, wait, you totally didn't let me know. Bah.

So this means that I'll be teaching mornings at St. Happy, holding my office hours until noon, trekking down to Chaos, and teaching until 4:30. Not the worst schedule, since it frees up two days a week, but still, those are going to be long days.

What really sucks about this is that it's going to make it very difficult to sit in on the class offered by the Grand Ol' Gal of our department, which I was really hoping to do. She's been one of my greatest advocates in the past, and I could really use that kind of cheerleading now. I'll have to think hard about whether I can swing this.

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