Thursday, September 14, 2006

In which there is one more thing

Late addition to the complaint list: I'm torturing myself reading over the MLA job list, where I'm not even halfway through and have found 29 postings for my field (also noted here and here). And that's just the ones that name-drop Big Willie. And many of them are in not-bad places! Why now? Why not save some of this bumper crop for next year when I'll be able to throw my hat in the ring? Let's just hope that this clears out a number of my job-seeking compatriots, leaving room next year for me. Good luck to those lucky enough to be out there this year.

Stupid dissertation that is still not writing itself. I kind of hate myself right now.

Eta: Final tally--52. Wow.

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Al said...

You are now loved in the circus are all others.