Saturday, March 01, 2008

In which I consider starting something

So, I thought that maybe I'd try to actually use this space for progress reports, or accountability, or useful rants, or something. I'm still not sure what I want this to be, but it'll never be anything unless I get some stuff on the page, right?

Ok, today's accomplishments: grocery shopping, clearing out the backlog of school-related messages in my in-box, beginning to organize a concerted student response to the denial of tenure to Cheerleader Prof, making dinner, quality time with both cats, adding sports package to our channel lineup so I can watch some goddamned baseball, please.

Not accomplished, but pondered: What if I write a paragraph a day? I can do that, can't I? What if I got that book out of the bag by my feet and did some reading? What if I rewrote my conference abstract so that it actually has something to do with the paper I wrote? Wouldn't that be fun? More or less fun than grading essays?

On deck for tomorrow: grading essays, reading that book, rewriting conference abstract, writing a paragraph, making cookies, watching pre-season baseball.

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