Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In which the end is in sight

The schedule, she is killing me. I came home today intending to nap only briefly, since I have to be up again early tomorrow for individual conferences. And then I fell into a coma--the kind where you wake up and have no idea what day, time, or continent it is.

The good news is I only have one more ridiculously early day, and it's not until next week. Conferences are tomorrow and Thursday, and while I dread how I'll be feeling after repeating the same things for three hours, I do think this kind of individual attention is amazingly effective when it comes to writing skills. I really should have done conferences with this crew in Fall, but my schedule was already so ridiculous I couldn't figure out how to fit them in. Enh, better late than never.

The thing that keeps falling off my to-do list is my book order for next term, which seems fairly important. I'm fairly confident that we can do a play a week, but I'm worried about the three or four weeks when I'm planning for two plays. Then again, having once slogged through a whole week on Jonson's Sejanus, I'm much more scared of too little material than too much.

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