Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Save a Little Room for Me," John Wesley Harding

Do I win the seat-of-my-pants award for procrastinated preparation? I've just finished revising my Big Willie syllabus; the course meets for the first time tomorrow afternoon. Nah, not that bad, then. I've changed the instructions for the final paper and swapped the scheduled positions of the Popular Fairy Comedy and the Popular Cross-Dressing Comedy, but otherwise I'm doing pretty much what I did the last couple times I've been through this syllabus. I was thinking (after my useful meeting with Cool Prof in my field at St. Happy) about adding a performance aspect, but I'm still not entirely sold on it. More thinking is clearly in order.

I also had a meeting today about my minor service position at UChaos, which has been so beautifully set up by the career-office person that all I really have to do is send e-mail and show up for events. Excellent.

And, um. Then I did some shopping on the way home. Just school supplies. And a lip gloss. And a tote bag.

Now on to the last, most important part of my class prep: What will I wear for the first day? The temperatures are still working against me, and I have ridiculous blisters that are limiting my cute-shoe options (is it sad that the student evaluations that most amuse me mention my cute shoes?). I'm thinking a full-skirted black & white dress, light cardigan, and my bad-ass kitten heels with the buckle on the pointy toe.

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