Monday, September 17, 2007

"Your Biggest Fan," Voxtrot

Oh, dear. We're going to have to spend the next week in a hotel, with the cats at a cat hotel, while major construction is done on the apartment. The landlords are installing central air and heat, which involves cutting holes in pretty much every single wall in the place. Also, I'm losing my walk-in closet, because that's where the machinery goes.

Had this happened a month ago, we could have just grabbed some clothes and decamped, but now that classes have started, relocating means also relocating all class-related paraphernalia. Plus, this week is C.'s birthday, which he now gets to celebrate by placing all of our belongings in dust-proof containers. Fun!

Today, I went to get a cat carrier (one of ours has gone missing), only to discover that Maggie just barely fits into the soft-sided thing I got. Also, pet store overcharged me for it, by, like, $20. Tomorrow, the kitten crew goes to the vet for booster shots. And I alone will be carting the 40 pounds of cats around, as C. has an ungodly-early class.


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