Monday, April 07, 2008

In which we are back at it

Week one, in the books. Week two, just now dawning. I'm feeling ok about my classes (despite an anxiety dream this morning which involved me losing control of the class entirely, neither bringing my text nor having read it--Frankenstein, for some reason--and, most mortifyingly, wearing a scrunchie in public). The UChaos class is talkative and interested (or at least faking it convincingly), and the St. Happy class contains students who are willing to disagree with me, which I lovelovelove because it gives me a chance either to be ostentatiously right or to model ways of researching and testing claims. Be still my nerd heart!

Nothing going on the dissertation front, though. I haven't yet figured out where best to shoehorn in the work, before class or after. A crucial book just came into the library, though, so maybe that'll jump-start my brain.

The very best thing about this week, though? Sun. Our weather is finally at least entertaining the possibility of spring. I was out with bare knees on Saturday, and it felt marvelously decadent after four months of wool tights.


eloise said...

I have anxiety dreams surrounding teaching too! They are terrible... usually involves something like your own, unpreparedness or even worse a mass student walk out in protest to the terrible instructor.

Congrats on the progress on the diss - as the whole begins to take shape - even if it is still just in your head it feels real good. ;-)


St. Eph said...

Thanks for the encouragement--I'm trying to remind myself that the majority of my process runs in the background in my head long before it hits the page.