Friday, August 24, 2007

"Touched by the Hand of God," New Order

Clearly, C. has been influencing the music in my head.

Ok, the previous plan? Not terribly successful. I just sat at the dining-room table and looked at all the same online stuff that I look at while on the couch. I managed about two paragraphs over about two hours. The work-every-day thing, I just can't get myself to commit to. So, back to the short bursts of manic productivity that have been my compositional mode for my entire academic career. I'm too old a dog for that particular new trick.

Mostly, I'm trying to convince myself that I can get a full draft of this chapter together before we go out of town next week. Of course, also in the next week I need to: do some back-to-school shopping (clothes! shoes! random crap!), get my hair cut/colored, clean the apartment before classes begin, do a ridiculous amount of laundry, have a birthday. Still, possible!

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