Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In which I check in

So, yeah, it's the end of the quarter and I'm mostly MIA 'round here. Sorry about that. How about some random bullet points?

  • I finished the chapter that I've been plugging along on since, oh, this time last year. It is somehow no longer than the last draft. Eh, whatever. I'm turning it in tomorrow, and I like its new title.
  • Attention: Internets--The word you're looking for is "simple" not "simplistic." Not synonyms, and stop pretending they are.
  • All my shows are fall-finale-ing! So sad! What will I do without Heroes and Betty and Gilmore Girls for the next month? Read books?
  • Speaking of books, yet another pleasure-reading novel from the UChaos library has been recalled. Uncool, people. Stop it. I'm going to start leaving nasty notes again in the books I return.
  • I've been sucked in to an online monster-killing game. It's only a bit compulsive.
  • Oh, dear, I have papers coming in tomorrow and grading to get behind. Drat.

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